Major Differences between Davido’s SKELEWU and LMFAO’s Party Rock Video

HKN Music Presents the v


ideo to Davido’s Global Monster Hit “Skelewu” Song produced by HKN’s very own Shizzi. If you recall, a different version surfaced a few days ago and was hurriedly taken down. We were told to await for the ‘official’ version, and well, here it is.

So far, people taking about the


video are comparing it to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. Like this article on the I hate to be the guy to point out the obvious, but the two video’s (SKELEWU ad PARTY ROCK) could not be more dissimilar.

Many critics have only glossed over how Davido in Skelewu and LMFAO in Party Rock Anthem woke up in 2 completely different hospitals.

That’s not all. In LMFAO’s party Rock, the duo is approached by a man who warns them about a dance craze that has taken over the city. Even though Davido is approached by a man in Skeewu warning him about a dance craze that has destroyed the city, a keen observer would have noted that they were 2 totally different people issuing these warnings.

You may require more proof, something that settles this debate and lays to rest all suggestions that director Moe Musa borrowed heavily and with reckless abandon from the Party Rock ANthem Video. Here it is:

The biggest difference is that when LMFAO released the Paty Rock video, NO ONE said they copied from Davido. Yet when Davido released Skelewu, EVERYONE said he copied from LMFAO.

The two videos are very different. Very different indeed